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The attractions of Sochi Park are located 7 minutes from the hotel and are ideal for outdoor activities with kids. The youngest guests will be delighted with miniature rides, interactive playgrounds and a rich animation program.

The fairy-tale world of Sochi Park has eight themed lands, each of which offers unforgettable adventures.

On Avenue of Lights Visitors are greeted by the main characters of the park - charming bears Potap and Mila, heroes of Russian fairy tales, stilt walkers and magicians.

The Land of Bogatyrs invites you to ride a giant Rook, visit the magic photo studio Cloak of Invisibility and take part in creative workshops at the Artel Yard workshop.

In In the Enchanted Forest Baba Yaga and her friends - Brownie Kuzya, Goblin, Koschei, Kikimora and Mermaids are waiting for guests. Festival Square is the main stage where concerts, interactive programs and flash mobs take place.

In the Sea Kingdom in the summer, you can fight pirates, fire a volley from a water cannon and slide down from the crest of a huge wave or frolic in the splashes of the Sun Reef.

The Land of Science and Fiction invites you to take a Quantum Leap, eat at the Roller Restaurant and test your strength and agility in the Space Jungle.

And in Eco -village Guests tired of active entertainment can relax by the mill pond with a miniature ferry and enjoy ice cream, visit rabbits and hedgehogs at the Lapushka Zoo.

In Children's Corner there are entertainment for the youngest visitors of Sochi Park. Rocking chairs, the Express Snail train, funny rides and shows in the dolphinarium are very popular with kids.

Bear Country is a new children's entertainment center with a large playground. The heroes of Sochi Park, bear cubs Mila and Potap, invite children and toddlers to trampoline complexes, slides, labyrinths and children's carousels.


  • Quantum Leap. Extreme attraction number 1 challenges the gravity of the earth! The fastest slide of the “inverted boomerang” format, the only one in Russia and the sixth in the world!
  • Zmey Gorynych. At the top of a high mountain, the fire-breathing Serpent Gorynych settled. Get ready to go if you're ready to go to his lair!
  • Firebird. The highest free fall attraction in Russia with a catapult effect
  • Perpetual Motion. The first in Russia and the third in Europe pendulum attraction with a full rotation of 360 degrees.
  • Charolette. The family slide will allow you to share unforgettable emotions with the dearest people
  • Wheel of Time. Admire the Olympic Park, the Black Sea and mountain peaks from a height of 60 meters!
  • Ladia. A giant swing raises passengers to an 18-meter height
  • Heroic races. Are you ready for a pleasant journey through the fabulous town? Then choose a car and hit the road!
  • Gems. The traditional chain carousel with telescopic support changes height and angle of rotation, shining with lights like a necklace of gems.
  • Fairy tale carousel. The attraction is painted with reproductions of fabulous illustrations by Russian artist Ivan Bilibin
  • Autodrom. Cool racing in five speed modes on bright stylized fireballs!
  • Magic flight. An exciting ride where you will feel the energy of flying!
  • Drifter. Feel the spirit of an exciting racing competition with the whole family!
  • Tea cups. Don't plan anything for the evening - today you are invited to a magical tea party!
  • Jolly Pirate. A smaller version of the free fall tower for the little ones!
  • Whirlpool. Our clean, clean attraction gives a good mood to every little guest of the park
  • Flying Ship. A fascinating flight to the clouds on a magical ship awaits young daredevils!
  • Humpbacked Horse. A classic carousel with horses running around in circles for the little ones
  • Snail Express. A journey on a fabulous express for the whole family!
  • Rocking chairs for the little ones. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs and even a small plane that can be driven by kids from 1 year old!
  • Buyan. A real sea battle and an exciting adventure on the water for the whole family!
  • Geese-Swans. Double boats allow you to take a calm walk on the water in the shade of a large tent that protects from the scorching sun
  • Miracle Yudo Whale Fish. Get ready to get soaked from head to toe as you descend the waterfalls!
  • Seahorse. An exciting water attraction for the little ones!